Entry #1

hello :)

2012-02-04 10:25:43 by predatorX9

well hello everybody :)
my name is atris "predatorX9" vitkauskas , i am simple guy from small country Lithuania . i like art, music, GUN'S, airsoft,and hang out with friend's
i'm new here so i was thinking that i should to write something here :)

well i think some ppl want to know why i registered to "newgrounds"...well first of all this is my favorite flash portal and the second i registered here for music.
i'm new in music world and i need to know what i need to improve in my songs , so i think that you guys will help my ;) well see ya soon

p.s i already uploaded some songs :) fell free to comment on them :)



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2012-02-04 16:33:59

Wlecome to newgrounds. Ill check out your songs.

predatorX9 responds:

wow.thnx man :)